Welcome to Hill View Rare Plants

Welcome to Hill View’s website and our New Winter Catalogue

This is an eclectic list ranging from the well known to the obscure, from the tall to the tiny and from the rock garden to the woodland. It’s short and some of the items are in limited supply so if you intend to order please don’t wait too long.

We are thrilled to be able to offer a number of very choice campanulas originally from our dear friend and master plantsman, Otto Fauser. Chief among these are Campanula cochlearifolia “Miranda”, an original Farrer selection, and considered by him to be one of the greatest rock garden plants, and Campanula x stansfieldii, a stunning variety, which is, to quote Farrer, “a gift of heaven whose history is wrapped in a cloud”.

Rock garden plants are a strong theme and we are offering some special items including Raoulia hookeri, an evergreen alpine from New Zealand whose tightly-packed, creeping mats of tiny rosettes shimmer like sheets of silver and Achillea cretica, a cushion-forming species from Crete with attractive evergreen, grey-green, finely cut leaves and large flattened clusters of white daisies in spring.

For those with woodland gardens, Geranium x lindavicum “Apple Blossom” is a lovely plant making compact mounds of soft pale pink flowers throughout summer. We also have both the true wild form of Primula vulgaris, collected as seed in the beech forests of northern Greece, and the rarer pink flowering Primula vulgaris ssp sibthorpii, from further east.

Two personal favourites are the late Jim Archibald’s Turkish collection of Salvia sclarea, which must rate as one of the best, with its enormous columns of lilac-blue, white-lipped flowers and pink, white and green bracts, and Pelargonium sidioides, a native South African, which bears clouds of deep wine-coloured flowers that float through summer like little jewel-like butterflies. Both are hard to beat in a dry garden.

We are also offering a number of rarer items in limited numbers; these include the Spotted Marsh Orchid, Dactylorhiza fuchsia, with its spikes of pale pink and red spotted flowers, Paeonia kesrouanensis, a Syrian endemic which bears huge, pale pink bowls of flowers very early in the season, the Dappled Snowbrush, Haemanthus albiflos, a winter flowering species, its snow-white blooms deliciously tipped with a fringe of beautiful bright lemon anthers, and a magnificent spurge, Euphorbia seguieriana ssp niciciana, a great accent plant, carrying its large, flattish, lime-green umbels throughout spring and summer.

We hope you enjoy this winter’s offerings.

 Marcus and Crew