Welcome to Hill View Rare Plants

Welcome to Hill View’s new website.

Our summer catalogue is now closed and we would like to thank all those customers who supported our business and hope that all the treasures you obtained from us do really well in the coming months.

We are now taking a short break and will be back with a new winter list in July featuring a treasure trove of rare and unusual perennials and bulbs.  To give you a taste of what’s to come, we will be offering cobra-headed arisaemas, including,  A. sikkokianum and A. candidissimum, the giant Himalayan lily, Cardiocrinum giganteum,  a rare European marsh orchid, Dactylorihza fuchsii, the ethereal Himalayan Blue Poppy, Meconopsis betonicifolia, the true Hellebore lividus, and not the cemetery flowers that pose in its place, gold-lace and silver-lace Barnhaven primulas, the rare pink form of the much loved primrose, Primula vulgaris ssp sibthorpii, tall candelabra primulas, hepaticas and more.

We shall also be posting an exciting seed list featuring many bulbs and perennials grown at Hill View but never offered before to the gardening public. We shall keep you informed when this is available but at this stage we think it will probably be in August.

So dear gardeners you have a lot to look forward to!

Keep safe and well until next time.

 Marcus and Crew