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Firstly we want to thank everyone that showed interest in Hill View's final Catalogue in 2017-18. We are sorry that we had to close the ordering so quickly & that some of you missed out, however the rush of orders was quite overwhelming to our very small team of family & friends.

We hope that the bulbs Marcus Harvey put so much energy & care into supplying to customers over the years that he operated Hill View Rare Plants will continue to be enjoyed & shared in many gardens throughout Australia.

The final catalogue offered a wide selection of the beautiful plants lovingly collected & cultivated by Marcus. Many of these plants, especially those in the Crocus and Fritillaria genus, were only available from Hill View & are unfortunately unlikely to be offered on such a scale in Australia in the near future.

On matters aside from the final catalogue, we continue to receive emails regarding potential orders & the future of Hill View. Despite the fact that all stock has now gone, we are maintaining the website as an online tribute to Marcus’ legacy & primairly we're finalising arrangements to publish a book of Marcus' plant & travel writing! We have almost finished editing & are currently assessing the viability of a crowd funding campaign to make the publication a reality.

There has also been some interest in Crocus harveyi which was named by Jānis Rukšāns in Marcus’ honour. At this stage we don’t have any for sale, however, Marcus’ son Alex recently visited Jānis to thank him for the tribute & has been assured that some harveyi seed will be sent to Tasmania in the near future. Meaning that some may be available in the years to come!

Thus we urge you to either Maintain your subscription, or SUBSCRIBE to our Mailing List to keep up-to-date with any developments!

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Please post online pictures of plants you have acquired from Hill View using the hashtag - #HillViewCollection – so that we have a database of floral imagery that invokes the depth of the masterful list of rarities that Marcus cultivated over 20-plus years!

Thank you again for your interest!


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