Welcome to Hill View Rare Plants

Dear Hill View Customers

Thank you for the wonderful support you have given to the final Summer Catalogue. We are sorry that we had to close it so quickly and people missed out but the rush of orders was overwhelming. At this point we can confirm that we will not be offering a further list this year, but we're not ruling out the availbility of some stock next summer.

We hope that the bulbs Marcus put so much energy and care into supplying to customers over the years that he operated Hill View Rare Plants will continue to be enjoyed and shared in many gardens throughout Australia.

The final catalogue offered a wide selection of the beautiful plants lovingly collected and cultivated by Marcus. Many of these plants, especially those in the crocus and Fritillaria genus, were only available from Hill View and are unlikely to be offered on such a scale in Australia again.

While Marcus only supplied ‘Year to flowering’ and ‘Flowering size’ bulbs and grew the babies on for future catalogues, for this final catalogue all stock was included. This meant that 1st/FS bulbs were sent first, and later orders were supplied on a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 basis, depending on size.

Orders were not accepted outside Australia.

Regretfully Hill View could not supply customers in Western Australia as we were not accredited to comply with the W.A. Biosecurity requirements.

Tasmanian customers please note that mainland nurseries are no longer able to send ornamental alliums to Tasmania.

Lastly, PLEASE MAINTAIN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO THE SITE as we should have further information of interest to Hill View customers in the not too distant future.