2014 Seed List - Wild Collected

A choice selection of seeds collected in the Mediterranean region in 2014 with the focus on bulbous plants, especially crocus, fritillaria, colchicum, galanthus and cyclamen. A high degree of confidence is placed on the identification and provenance of all the items on offer and many of these will not be available elsewhere.

Please note that this seed catalogue is now closed, and remains here for reference only.



Scilla bifolia

Small very early flowering spring race with vivid, almost crystalline blue, pink or white blooms with navy blue anthers on short spikes.    

Winter Flowering      

Kajmatchalan, Pela, Greece 1700m.
10 seeds per packet


Smyrnium perfoliatum

Clouds of airy, green-gold, thistledown flowers held above flat, shield-shaped leaves which decrease in size as they climb the angular flower stem. These are a fresh acid green, pinkish on their edges. A flower arranger’s dream and a must for a woodland or border.        

Spring to Summer Flowering    


Kedros, Rethymno, Crete, Greece 1000m.
10 to 15 seeds per packet


Tulipa cretica

Beautiful Cretan endemic bearing exquisite pale to rose pink cup shaped flowers on 15cm stems very early in the season. Leaves coiled and prostrate. This low altitude collection should present no problems.

Winter Flowering

Picture by by Leif Stridvall

Chorafakia, Chania, Crete, Greece 100m.
25+ seeds per packet